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Buildings come standard with 1-72 inch double door, 1- 2'x 3' window and 5/8 inch plywood flooring
(Cottage, Playhouse and Dog Kennel's excluded)

Pricing Info

Vinyl Shed

Enjoy the convenience of vinyl! A simple pressure wash makes these buildings look like new. Tons of vinyl and roof colors, making these perfect for HOA areas.
(Available from 8x12 to 14x48)



Vinyl Deluxe

This carries the same pros as the Vinyl Standard, with the added benefit of beautiful aesthetics. This building comes standard with a taller wall package, soffits and a 6 inch overhang all the way around! 
(Available from 10x12 to 14x48)



Storage Series Shed

There's beauty in simplicity! This manufactured siding is made to combat mold, termites, rot, etc. Available in 2 choices of stain, Honeytone as shown and Driftwood. This is also available in a Deluxe option with taller walls, soffets and overhang!  
(Available from 8x12 to 14x48)



Storage Series Barn

Enjoy the LP Smart Siding in a barn! This building comes with a higher roof line, and 1-2 lofts depending on size! The lofts are great for storing totes and objects you'd like to get off the floor. Available in 2 choices of stain, Honeytone as shown and Driftwood.   
(Available from 8x12 to 14x48)



Storage Series Shed

Trying to match your house or an existing structure? This has the same LP Smart Siding but is painted rather than stained. Available in 17 different colors with custom paint options available for an additional cost. This is also available in a Deluxe option with taller walls, soffits and overhang! 
(Available from 8x12 to 14x48)




Our personal favorite! These give you the look of a farm with a simple storage building! Comes standard with 1-2 lofts depending on size and is available in the same 17 colors as the Painted Smart Shed.
(Available from 8x12 to 14x48)


Madiso Pic 2.jpeg


These are perfect for He/She Sheds, pool houses, home office, etc.! Our Cottages are prefinished on the inside with insulation from the top down! They come standard with 4 outlets, 1 light, 1 light switch, 100 AMP breaker box, 3/4 inch T&G flooring. AC, linoleum flooring and a plethora of other additions are available! These are available in stain, paint and vinyl!
(Available from 10x12 to 14x48)




Perfect for the little ones! Our Playhouses have a loft, porch and swing! Rest assured, as soon as your children see this they will want one! Available in our standard 17 colors as well as 10 specialty colors like pink, purple, naval, and lime!  A-Frame only available.
Barn style playhouses not available. 
(Available in 8x12 and 8x16)



Dog Kennels

Perfect for the furry ones! Our Dog Kennels have either 2 or 3 runs depending on size, a feed room with access, and a drop door on each of the runs that allow your animals to come in and out of the feed room. Each run is separated by thick steel mesh and has outside access to each run.
(Available in 8x12 and 12x16 & 12x28)


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