Vinyl Standard

Built for the intention to bring you an elegant storage shed for any outside location!


Vinyl Deluxe

The Vinyl Deluxe presents to you a taller wall package with an attractive overhang, in comparison to the Vinyl Standard.


Looking to amplify your backyard? Look no further, this is the one for you!

Vinyl Barn

Stepping into the Vinyl Barn, you will promptly notice the extra storage space in the lofts.

What a perfect place to store those items you only use once a year!



What the ultimate idea of comfort and space!
This is designed to be your backyard pool place, crafting place, "Man Cave", or even a getaway!

Smart Shed

The practical use of the Utility with an exterior of SmartSiding for long lasting durability.


Smart Barn

This eye-catching barn has the benefits of the Lofted Barn; however, it has the SmartSiding exterior for that long lasting durability.

Painted Smart Shed

Say you love the Smart Shed, but you just want color: that's what this little guy is good for! With this painted Smart Shed, you can bring color into your backyard.


Painted Smart Barn

What's the only thing that can make a Smart Barn better? Being able to make it look more 'you' with some color!


From playrooms to Tiny Houses. This could be the dream for you!


Dog Kennel

Great for breeding or keeping your furry friends safe!!